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Trafford FC Youth Vision

To give children from the ages of 5 to 18 the chance to be part of a semi-professional football club and be coached by qualified football coaches. Individually they have a wide range of experience and knowledge gained during time working at Premier League football academies, being ex professional footballers themselves and numerous years of experience in coaching at all levels including schools across the North West.

Once your child has joined TFCY the club they will have the chance to progress through the age groups and given a pathway for their footballing life. We work closely with our parent club Trafford FC to ensure the children are given maximum opportunity to enjoy the “beautiful game” and fulfil their potential.


Core Values

Make the game of football fun to practice and play, show good sportsmanship and respect for all (other players, referees, coaches and parents).

Value winning but not over skill, effort and personal improvement as a player.


Trafford FC Youth has 5 principles (our coaching values):

  1. That skill is the foundation that all other parts of the game are built upon.
  2. The Ages of learning skills – 7-11 and 12-16
  3. Improvement demands effort and planned deliberate practice of increasing difficulty.
  4. Team achievements depend on individual and small group skills.
  5. Using great players past and present as role models for development.


The Coerver Player Development Pyramid

Ball Mastery – The Core Skills
Touch, control skills that without all the other parts of the pyramid are effected, balance, coordination, hard work, self-motivation.

Receiving & Passing
Team skills – to show your skills and good decision making

1 v 1
Individual skills to take players on in 1 vs 1 situations, to create space to pass or run or shoot, confidence and creativity, to enable players to win those 1 vs 1 situations/battles in defence and attack

Speed of mind and physical acceleration, improving reaction times with or without the ball, speed up the decision making process

Technique, accuracy of shot, concentration, relaxation in front of goal, timing, decision making.

Group Play
Small Games, 2 to 4 goals per game, fast attack, combination play, teamwork

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